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Helpful Packing Tips

So you’ve read through our self storage tips and have a ton of useful knowledge for making your move simpler. But if you’re like most renters, the process you dread the most is packing. Take a look at the tips below to minimize mistakes and make the process move along faster!


  • Keep a list of the contents of each box and clearly label each side of every box.

  • To make stacking simpler, use boxes that are uniform in size.

  • Use smaller boxes for heavy items such as books and china.

  • Use padding or bubble wrap if necessary to reduce the risk of collapsing.

  • Stack heavier boxes on the bottom.

  • Books should be packed flat rather than on their spines.

  • Wrap china and glassware items individually to prevent breakage when moving.

  • Wrap sharp objects before placing them in boxes.

  • When possible, remove table legs and take apart large pieces of furniture.

  • If you intend to access your storage unit frequently, consider leaving space for you to maneuver around the area. Consider which items need to be most accessible and place them near the front of the unit.

  • Do not store food or anything flammable or combustible, including gasoline, oil, and paint thinner, in your rental.


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